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Rocker cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are a must-have gadget for every cycling enthusiast. They provide maximum thermal comfort and at the same time increase the stability of the handlebar grip. Besides, they are very light and comfortable. Cycling with the Rocker gloves is a real pleasure.

Characteristics of Rocker gloves

Rocker cycling gloves are, above all, comfortable and airy. They are made of materials that allow you to protect your hands against negative weather conditions, such as wind, frost or rain. In addition, they ensure proper skin breathing, so the hands do not sweat in them. Silicone print on the middle finger and thumb provides better control of the brakes and shifters. Rocker gloves significantly improve the comfort of riding, which can be felt especially over long distances. The gloves are equipped with a minimalist foam filling on the underside to increase the grip. They also have Velcro fasteners, which makes them even easier to put on and take off. They fit the hand very well.

Comfortable Rocker gloves for cyclists

The functional Rocker gloves for cyclists come in a variety of sizes. Their minimalist design is based on ensuring the greatest possible comfort while driving. Rocker gloves give you more control over the balance on demanding terrain. Foam filling enhances the comfort effect.

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